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New Music: Art Brut > Unprofessional Wrestling

Song: Unprofessional Wrestling
Artist: Art Brut
Album: Brilliant! Tragic!
Label: Downtown
Genre: Indie Rock / Garage Punk
Notes: First single from 4th LP
Source: Pitchfork

Concept: 3.5 • Melody: 3.5 • Lyrics: 2.0 • Chorus: 2.0 • X Factor: 3.5
Overall: 3.0 (60%)


2 thoughts on “New Music: Art Brut > Unprofessional Wrestling

  1. How can the lyrics only be a 2?! Eddie Argos and his lyrics practically make Art Brut

    Posted by Frankie | March 14, 2011, 11:01 am
  2. The corny pro wrestling metaphors really mar the song, even though I completely get the wrestling/relationship parallels he’s going for. But “1-2-3, I’ll let you pin me”, or not a good lyric, purposely kitchy or not.

    Posted by gM | March 14, 2011, 1:22 pm

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