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New Music: Slaughterhouse > Sub Doobie

Song: Sub Doobie
Artist: Slaughterhouse
Album: Slaughterhouse EP
Producer: Mr. Porter
Label: Shady
Genre: Hip Hop / East Coast Rap
Notes: From 1st EP
Source: Nah Right

Analysis: Slaughterhouse blur the line between clever and corny more than once in their rhymes on ‘Sub Doobie’ (the biggest ugh goes to Crooked I’s ‘We reinvent the wheel to have a Goodyear / and y’all tire-d‘), which feels more like an exercise than a finished song that people are expected to pay real US currency for. I’ll sing the praises of all four of these guys’ lyrical talents all day, but they have yet to make a song together that anyone cares about, and the rhymes here are honestly just kinda silly (though Budden does come through with the only strong verse).
Concept: 2.5 • Beat: 3.0 • Lyrics: 3.0 • Chorus: 1.0 • X Factor: 3.0
Overall: 2.5 (50%)



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