New Classics Weekly

New Classics Weekly: Jan 29th, 2011


This is a little late because there were so many albums to review last week and I ended up being way too busy to get to all of them so I decided to hold off until I had a chance. And there are still a few that I would have liked to get to, but those projects from bands like Monotonix, My Disco, John Vanderslice, Phil Manley and Young Prisms will be eventually added, and hopefully amended retroactively to this week’s score.

Anyway, as for the records that I did get to, the results (and styles) were wildly varied. From the sweet alt-folk of Iron & Wine’s latest, which took over the best album of 2011 reign from The Decemberists, all the way down to the noisy middle-school band practice of Sic Alps, which is the new album to beat for worst of 2011. And everything in between: the jazzy Kaputt, the high-brow hip hop of Gutter Rainbows, the no-brow hip hop of Politics as Usual, the crossover rock of Mine is Yours, the reunion LP of There Are Rules, and more. It was an interesting week for full-lengths.

On the individual track side of things, Peter Bjorn and John took the crown this week with dance-pop cut Second Chance, but Cut Copy, James Pants, Patrick Wolf, Bright Eyes and Cass McCombs all gave us some new music from their upcoming anticipated projects. And then there were a few tracks from other groups and artists that impressed and should be anticipated from here on: James Pants, Money Making Jam Boys, Mind Spiders, Light Asylum, The Feelies and quite a few more. Oh, and even more new stuff from R.E.M. Take a leap, jumpers:

4.3: Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean
3.8: Destroyer, Kaputt
3.6: Talib Kweli, Gutter Rainbows
3.3: Cold War Kids, Mine is Yours • The Get Up Kids, There Are Rules
2.8: Gang of Four, Content
2.6: Paul Wall, Politics as Usual
1.9: Deerhoof, Deerhoof vs Evil
1.7: Sic Alps, Napa Asylum

Singles/Individual Songs
4.4: Peter Bjorn and John, ‘Second Chance
4.2: Memory Tapes, ‘Today is Our Life
4.1: Cut Copy, ‘Need You Now‘ • Money Making Jam Boys, ‘Day Job
4.0: R.E.M., ‘Uberlin
3.9: The Luyas, ‘Too Beautiful to Work
3.8: The Feelies, ‘Should Be Gone‘ • James Pants, ‘Alone
3.7: Mind Spiders, ‘Don’t Let Her Go‘ • Patrick Wolf, ‘The City
3.6: Kidz in the Hall ft. Curren$y & Mikey Halsted, ‘Pledge Allegiance to the Dope
3.5: Light Asylum, ‘Dark Allies‘ • Six Organs of Admittance, ‘Hold But Let Go‘ • Cass McCombs, ‘County Line
3.2: Bright Eyes, ‘Haile Selassie
3.1: Hunx and His Punx, ‘Lovers Lane‘ • Young Galaxy, ‘We Have Everything
2.8: Torae ft. Mike Shorey, ‘Outta Here‘ • Spectre Folk, ‘The Blackest Medicine‘ • Wiz Khalifa, ‘Roll Up
2.7: Creep ft. Romy Madley Croft, ‘Days‘ • Secret Cities, ‘Love Crime‘ • Typical Girls, ‘Our Real is Real
2.4: Showbiz & KRS-One, ‘Improve Myself
2.2: Smoke DZA ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mara Hruby, ‘Uptown81


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