2011 Rating Scale

Uniqueness or strength of the subject matter or idea behind the song
The creative and aesthetic sound of the music
The words themselves, and how they are sung (note: if i can’t understand a fucking word i’ll judge on vocals alone, but give a lesser score – unless it’s a foreign langauge, in which case I’ll judge the vocals alone without point removal)
How well it hooks you in or how easily it gets stuck in your head
X Factor: Initial reactions; Importance; Replay value; Overall likability/dislikability

5.0: Flawless
4.5: Elite
4.0: Great
3.5: Definitely Worth Your Time
3.0: Pretty Good/Better than Average
2.5: Average
2.0: Sub-Par
1.5: Bad
1.0: Terrible
0.5: Horrendous
0.0: Completely Unlistenable


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