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New Music: T.I. ft. Chris Brown > Get Back Up

Song: Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown
Artist: T.I.
Album: No Mercy
Producer: The Neptunes
Label: Atlantic / Grand Hustle
Genre: Hip Hop / Pop Rap
Notes: First single from 7th LP
Analysis: 8.0 [All of that previous T.I. material you heard this year? Forget about it. King Uncaged has been scrapped since he’s no longer “uncaged”, and has been sent back to prison for violating parole. It’s a shame too, because that album cover was DOPE. ‘Get Back Up’ is T.I.’s redemption song, which must have been written shortly after his latest legal screwup. It’s an apology to his fans for letting us down with another lockup just as he was getting his momentum up again, but more importantly it’s a motivation for himself to keep his chin up for the next year. ‘Get Back Up’ is the voice of a man who’s embarrassed,  frustrated, and blames no one but himself. The emotion is palpable, and it’s rare in popular rap that a guy pours his heart out like this and it isn’t just a show.]

Source: Nah Right


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