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New Music: Curren$y ft. Trademark & Young Roddy > Roasted

Song: Roasted ft. Trademark & Young Roddy
Artist: Curren$y
Album: Pilot Talk
Producer: Monsta Beatz
Label: Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella
Genre: Hip Hop
Notes: First single from 3rd LP
Analysis: Last year, Curren$y surprised the shit out of me with This Ain’t No Mixtape, his fun-as-hell debut full-length (if not counting numerous album-like mixtapes). Jet Files didn’t match it, but his potential is still high, and ‘Roasted’ is my first listen from Pilot Talk, personally. With a Devin the Dude vibe, Curren$y and two of his Jets International artists, Trademark and Young Roddy kick chilled rhymes over a smooth, smokey instrumental. The trio’s relaxed, matter-of-fact delivery fits the beat, but the lyrics aren’t as colorful as Curren$y’s best. ‘Roasted’ is really just a track to smoke to (or so I hear), but for as natural as they sound over this type of music, I can’t deny that it’s all a little lazy.

Rating: 6.0
Source: Nah Right
Wikipedia | Last.fm

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