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Album Review: Blitzen Trapper > Destroyer of the Void

Album: Destroyer of the Void
Artist: Blitzen Trapper
Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie Rock / Folk / Alt Country
Length: 45:52
Links: Wikipedia | iTunes
Analysis: Woodsy folk tunes of varying tempos is about what I expected from Blitzen Trapper’s latest release, and more or less it’s what they delivered. Some are really pretty, some are a little bit dull, and some are no better or worse then plain old good. But Destroyer of the Void makes for a solid listen head to toe with more than one twist in the band’s sound along the way.
Rating: 6.5
Highlights: ‘Laughing Lover’ • ‘Below the Hurricane’ • ‘Love and Hate’ • ‘Dragons Song’ •  ‘The Tailor’

Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘Destroyer of the Void’

02. ‘Laughing Lover’

03. ‘Below the Hurricane’

04. ‘The Man Who Would Speak True’

05. ‘Love and Hate’

06. ‘Heaven and Earth’

07. ‘Dragon’s Song’

08. ‘The Tree’

09. ‘Evening Star’

10. ‘Lover Leave Me Drowning’

11. ‘The Tailor’
(no stream available)

12. ‘Sadie’



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