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New Music: Donnis > Yup

Song: Yup
Artist: Donnis
Album: Fashionably Late (Mixtape)
Producer: Needlz
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Hip Hop / Southern Rap
Notes: First single from 2nd Mixtape
Analysis: The impressive, yet inconsistent rookie emcee Donnis continues his string of “heard-it-before” tracks with nothing to say. Don’t get me wrong – ‘Yup’ definitely knocks. But when a rap song doesn’t contribute anything new (a sound, a flow style, etc), then what I primarily look for is clever wordplay or witty rhymes, and none of these factor into this song. Instead, Donnis falls into the typical traps of bragging about how good of a rapper he is without just letting the talent speak for itself. Aside from one really dope line (High roller, smoke good pot, Marley / do shrooms til the world look like Takashi Murakami), most of what I was thinking while listening to ‘Yup’ is how badly I would’ve rather heard the more refined abilities of Clipse crush Needlz’ beat instead.

Rating: 5.5
Source: Nah Right


3 thoughts on “New Music: Donnis > Yup

  1. Thanks for the album info. Really appreciate it!

    Posted by ArtMusic | May 25, 2010, 3:54 am
  2. No problem, thanks for reading!

    Posted by gM | May 25, 2010, 8:58 am


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