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Album Review: Band of Horses > Infinite Arms

Album: Infinite Arms
Artist: Band of Horses
Label: Columbia
Genre: Indie Rock
Length: 45:17
Links: Wikipedia | iTunes
Analysis: What I already love about Band of Horses is their ability to set moods so easily. On Infinite Arms, we’re treated to more of this: outdoorsy, warm, under-the-stars music, beautifully sweet candlelit melodies, and songs with a certain kick that sound best with a slight breeze and a firepit nearby. To my ears, it sounds as if on this full-length that the band leans heavier toward a Country influence, but it does nothing if not heighten the affection that Ben Bridwell characterizes. Infinite Arms is fully engaging, lush in authentic, from-the-heart sincerity, and probably the best album to bring on a camping trip this summer.
Rating: 9.0
Highlights: ‘Factory’ • ‘Laredo‘ • ‘Way Back Home’ • ‘Infinite Arms’ • ‘NW Apt.’
Since CDQ streams seem to get shut down quick, I’m just going to put up live performances of the songs for a taste.

Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘Factory’

02. ‘Compliments

03. ‘Laredo

04. ‘Blue Beard’

05.’On My Way Back Home’

06. ‘Infinite Arms’

07. ‘Dilly’

08. ‘Evening Kitchen’

09. ‘Older’

10.’For Annabelle’

11. ‘NW Apt.’

12. ‘Neighbor’



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