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Album Review: The Dead Weather > Sea of Cowards

Album: Sea of Cowards
Artist: The Dead Weather
Label: Third Man
Genre: Alternative Rock / Garage Rock / Blues Rock
Length: 35:12
Links: Wikipedia | iTunes
Analysis: I think that The Dead Weather’s previous album, Horehound, failed to hook me because it wasn’t the Jack White-led project that I was hoping for. Sea of Cowards is closer to those preconceptions that I had, but still didn’t fully lock me in. The sound of this record could be described as grungy blues, and the thumps and fuzzy guitars keep things as heavy as they are dirty. It’s definitely not a smooth album to swallow; in fact, probably akin to chugging a bottle of Kentucky bourbon. That is, Sea of Cowards is more for an already-acquired taste of this type of rough rock, and not for lightweights.
Rating: 6.5
Highlights: ‘Blue Blood Blues’ • ‘Hustle and Cuss’ • ‘The Difference Between Us’ • ‘Die By the Drop‘ • ‘Gasoline’

Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘Blue Blood Blues’

02. ‘Hustle and Cuss’

03. ‘The Difference Between Us’

04. ‘I’m Mad’

05. ‘Die By the Drop

06. ‘I Can’t Hear You’

07. ‘Gasoline

08. ‘No Horse’

09. ‘Looking at the Invisible Man’

10. ‘Jawbreaker’

11. ‘Old Mary’



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