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Album Review: Broken Social Scene > Forgiveness Rock Record

Album: Forgiveness Rock Record
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Label: Arts & Crafts
Genre: Indie Rock / Post-Rock
Length: 63:31
Links: Wikipedia | iTunes
Analysis: One potential disaster belonging to a band with sometimes up to nineteen members, is that you’re going to find many different conflicting perspectives and influences affecting your music. This is not an issue for Broken Social Scene. Ringleader/main vocalist Kevin Drew keeps impeccable order, and all flavors dovetail beautifully into a new current favorite record for me. Forgiveness Rock Record comes so close to perfect, if not for one or two tracks that dip slightly. But there is such a variety of choice styles here that each song is a fresh start, with a seamless flow in the entire hour-plus. I’m finding it hard to think of another rock record over the last few months that is as instantly enjoyable and welcoming as Forgiveness Rock Record.
Rating: 9.5
Highlights: ‘World Sick’ • ‘Forced to Love’ • ‘All to All’ • ‘Art House Director’ • ‘Sweetest Kill’ • ‘Romance to the Grave’

Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘World Sick

02. ‘Chase Scene’

03. ‘Texico Bitches’

04. ‘Forced to Love’

05. ‘All to All’

06. ‘Art House Director’

07. ‘Highway Slipper Jam’

08. ‘Ungrateful Little Father’

09. ‘Meet Me in the Basement’

10. ‘Sentimental X’s’

11. ‘Sweetest Kill’

12. ‘Romance to the Grave’

13. ‘Water in Hell’

14. ‘Me and My Hand’

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