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New Music: B.o.B. > Don’t Let Me Fall

Song: Don’t Let Me Fall
Artist: B.o.B.
Album: B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Producer: B.o.B.
Label: Grand Hustle / Atlantic
Genre: Hip Hop / Pop Rap / Alternative Hip Hop
Notes: Second single from 1st LP
Analysis: B.o.B. is reaching hard for that crossover appeal, huh? Seems like the Atlanta hip hop musician, after several somewhatexperimental mixtapes, has finally found a niche. ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ treads deeply into Top 40 pop rap territory with it’s follow-along rap/sung schematic, possibly even more so than current hit ‘Nothing On You’. There’s a tender piano melody drifting the song along, a few friendly electric guitars, and Mr. Bobby Ray getting a chance to flex his vocal chops. If I’m looking at that from 97% of of other rappers, I’m already shaking my head, but B.o.B. pulls it off. His Cee-Lo Green-esque singing voice is strong enough to carry a tune, and while the song is “safe” for pop radio stations, it’s still attractively enjoyable. So while a few months from now it could be likely that we’ll be hearing our 13 year old cousins namedropping him in their Facebook profiles, the world still needs more B.o.B.’s and less B.E.P.’s.

Rating: 7.0
Source: Nah Right
Wikipedia | Last.fm

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