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Album Review: Coheed and Cambria > Year of the Black Rainbow

Album: Year of the Black Rainbow
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Label: Columbia
Genre: Alternative Rock / Progressive Rock
Length: 53:56
Links: Wikipedia | iTunes
Analysis: The music of Coheed and Cambria contains a deep, rich science fiction mythology that really only the hardest of hardcore fans can follow narratively. This rarely matters from even a casual aspect, because the stories told in their songs can still be held apart and interpreted individually by each listener. To me, their albums have always been about desperation, and survival in the face of disaster, continued (or, technically, preceded) by Year of the Black Rainbow. They’ve already pretty much perfected both the thundering, melodic windstorm anthems as well as the more somberly regretful tunes, so for their fifth record, there is little to build upon. But they manage to use these tools to continue to ravage through another killer chapter. Sometimes an evil-grinning headrusher and sometimes the warmth of a consoling hand on your shoulder, Year of the Black Rainbow makes an immediate impact. It’s only real weakness being that it makes things all the more clear that it is next to impossible to top themselves.
Rating: 9.0
Highlights: ‘The Broken’ • ‘Here We Are Juggernaut’ • ‘Far’ • ‘World of Lines’ • ‘Pearl of the Stars’

Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘One’
(no stream available)

02. ‘The Broken’Vodpod videos no longer available.

03. ‘Guns of Summer’

04. ‘Here We Are Juggernaut’Vodpod videos no longer available.

05. ‘Far’

06. ‘This Shattered Symphony’

07. ‘World of Lines’

08. ‘Made Out of Nothing (All That I Am)’

09. ‘Pearl of the Stars’

10. ‘In the Flame of Error’
(no stream available)

11. ‘When Skeletons Live’

12. ‘The Black Rainbow’
(no stream available)



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