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New Music: The Black Keys > Tighten Up

Song: Tighten Up
Artist: The Black Keys
Album: Brothers
Producer: Danger Mouse
Label: Nonesuch
Genre: Indie Rock / Blues Rock
Notes: From 6th LP
Analysis: Gnarls Barkley/Broken Bells producer Danger Mouse produced the entire Black Keys LP Attack & Release two years ago, but on their latest, he only worked with the group on ‘Tighten Up’. Since he only had one track to work with, he made sure that it was a doozy. But Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney deserve the bulk of the credit obviously, since besides a few minor hints, Danger Mouse’s influence doesn’t really kick in until it all breaks down with a minute to go. Carney’s drums are crisp and tight, Auerbach’s guitar aches, and his vocals are bluesy and heartfelt.

When I was young, and moving fast,
nothing slowed me down. Slowed me down.
Now I let the others pass.
I’ve come around. Come around.

‘Tighten Up’ isn’t the raw, muddy blues rock that we first heard from The Black Keys in 2002, but it’s neither better nor worse. It’s still just very well-done rock and roll, only now a bit glossier and cleaned up.

Rating: 9.0
Source: Pitchfork
Wikipedia | Last.fm | Pitchfork



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