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Music Video: B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars > Nothing On You

Song: Nothing On You ft. Bruno Mars
Artist: B.o.B.
Album: B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
Producer: The Smeezingtons
Label: Grand Hustle / Atlantic
Genre: Hip Hop / Alternative Hip Hop / Pop Rap
Notes: First single from 1st LP
Analysis: I’ve been surprised to hear this getting quite a bit of spins on the radio and at the bars lately, because I didn’t think that B.o.B. had spread to outside of the blog world yet. I’m glad that he has though, because even though he’s had a few missteps here and there, ‘Nothing On You’ is still better than last year’s blog buzz rapper’s breakout single – Wale’s ‘Chillin’. I think that B.o.B. can surpass his Freshmen 10 classmate and make a better record, but focus is the key, and this is a prime example of what occurs when he is focused. Pop rap at its finest.

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