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New Music: Deftones > Rocket Skates

Song: Rocket Skates
Artist: Deftones
Album: Diamond Eyes
Label: Warner Bros.
Genre: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal
Notes: First single from 6th LP
Analysis: Deftones are so often such a powerful band that it can be numbing listening to them. They produce walls of sound in every song, and ‘Rocket Skates’ is no different. But neither is the structure different from anything else they’ve done. The thundering guitars, the violent lyrics, Chino Moreno’s contrastingly soft vocals slowly burning into windshield-shattering screeches; every familiar Deftones set piece is here for consumption, just as we remembered them. So our satisfaction with ‘Rocket Skates’ hinges directly on how we feel about their past work. You most likely aren’t going to dislike a song like ‘Hexagram‘ or ‘My Own Summer‘ and then turn around and love this one. And obviously this is what the band wants. They aren’t seeking out new fans or fucking with the way things work. These walls of sound that they build in their songs are high enough to keep their followers safe in a environment that they are accustomed to, but even though it isn’t their intent, I can’t help but be a little bit disappointed that the colors haven’t been touched up much over the years.

Rating: 6.0
Source: Deftones
Wikipedia | Last.fm | Pitchfork

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