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New Music: Circa Survive > Get Out

Song: Get Out
Artist: Circa Survive
Album: Blue Sky Noise
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Alternative Rock / Progressive Rock / Post-Hardcore
Notes: First single from 3rd LP
Analysis: Former Equal Vision standout band Circa Survive has moved on to a bigger stage at Atlantic Records this year. Their first post-EV release is called Blue Sky Noise, and ‘Get Out’ is the first that we are hearing from Anthony Green’s atmospheric hard rock outfit. The first thing that I notice is that Green seems angry, which isn’t a quality that I would use to describe most of his music, and you’d think that signing to a major label would have the opposite effect. The sound of the band is a little glossier, however, which I think is noticeable in the post-hardcorey guitar breakdowns and the shouting. I don’t think that ‘Get Out’ is among the band’s best, nor is it the greatest way to introduce them to your musical palette. Songs of theirs like ‘In Fear and Faith‘, ‘Living Together‘, and ‘The Glorious Nosebleed‘ are holding these guys to a higher standard in my eyes, so it’s tough to not be critical. It sounds like a lot of the textured background ambiance that gives them a unique sound was scrapped in favor of yelling and a The Used-esque song structure. However, I don’t believe that the entire new LP is going to go in the same direction, because Anthony Green has always seemed like a forward-thinking individual, not a backwards-thinking one.  Circa Survive may sound like a post-hardcore band in ‘Get Out’, but I assure you that they are much deeper and more cerebral than that. And even after all of my nitpicking, as a stand-alone track, ‘Get Out’ still shreds shit up better than most.
Rating: 7.0
Source: Circa Survive
Wikipedia | Last.fm



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