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New Music: Coheed and Cambria > The Broken

Song: The Broken
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Album: Year of the Black Rainbow
Label: Columbia
Genre: Alternative Rock / Progressive Metal
Notes: From 5th LP
Analysis: Since 2002, Coheed and Cambria have evolved from an above average emo/post-hardcore group to an innovative, fist-in-the-air, tower-charging progressive metal band filled with intense mythology in their music. And they hardly get any credit with the blog set. ‘The Broken’ is the first release (although not the single) of Year of the Black Rainbow, a “prequel” to their previous four albums, which have a storyline that I won’t even begin to try to describe, but you can read about here. Coheed has always cited a primary influence as Iron Maiden, and you can hear that in ‘The Broken’; a heavy, torch-in-the-darkness, angry mob-inducing anthem. Claudio Sanchez’ sinister singing voice adds to the theatrical vibe, and the entire package comes together as nice fix of adrenaline. While not on the same epic scale as some of their other civilization-crumbling tracks (i.e. ‘Welcome Home’ or ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3’), ‘The Broken’ is a very welcome return for Coheed and Cambria. If we’re lucky, they will never run out of stories to tell.
Rating: 8.5
Source: Coheed & Cambria
Wikipedia | Last.fm

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