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Mixtape Review: B.o.B. > May 25th

Album: May 25th
Artist: B.o.B.
Label: Aphilliates / Grand Hustle
Genre: Hip Hop / Southern Rap / Alternative Hip Hop
Featured Artists: Asher Roth, J. Cole, Charles Hamilton, Playboy Tre, Bruno Mars
Featured Producers: B.o.B., Kanye West, The Alchemist, Kutta, Infinity
Length: 48:57
Links: Wikipedia | Last.fm | Free Download
Rating: 6.5
Highlights:The Biz‘  • ‘Fuck the Money‘ ft. Asher Roth • ‘Surprise Me’ • ‘Don’t Feel So Good’ • ‘Nothing on You‘ ft. Bruno Mars
Tracklisting / Music Videos:

01. ‘The Biz
02. ‘Champion’
03. ‘Bet I’ ft. Playboy Tre
04. ‘Gladiators’ ft. J. Cole
05. ‘Out of Time’
06. ‘B is for B.o.B.’
07. ‘Fuck the Money‘ ft. Asher Roth
08. ‘Monique and Me’
09. ‘The Rain’
10. ‘Uno is My Numeral’
11. ‘Surprise Me’
12. ‘Don’t Feel So Good’
13. ‘Cool Side’
14. ‘2010’
(no stream available)

15. ‘Fool for Love’ ft. Charles Hamilton
16. ‘Nothing on You‘ ft. Bruno Mars’



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