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New Music: Redman > Oh My

Song: Oh My
Artist: Redman
Album: Reggie Noble 9 1/2
Producer: unknown
Label: Def Jam
Genre: Hip Hop / East Coast Rap
Notes: From 7th LP
Analysis: The paradox of most modern Redman songs is that when the beat is nice, you have to dodge a few corny references and cliche one-liners as if he hasn’t really updated his rhyme book since the 90s. But is it even possible to be mad at this man? So once we establish that he’s ‘nothing like Ginuwine’, and ‘tryin’ to smoke with Obama at the Pentagon‘, what we have is a chilled-out 2-miles-an-hour-on-a-beautiful-day-type of jam. To that, we can attribute a sublime ‘Summer Madness‘ sample pulling a lot of the weight, but Red’s presence still ups the coolness factor of any song, in my book. Compared to his previous Reggie Noble 9 1/2 single (the confusingly-titled ‘Coc Back‘), ‘Oh My’ is much better suited as a precursor to the full-length. Someone just has to help him pick out better similes than ‘hornier than Quagmire‘.
Rating: 7.0
Source: Nah Right
Wikipedia | Last.fm | Pitchfork


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