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New Music: David Banner ft. Heather Victoria > Slow Down

Song: Slow Down ft. Heather Victoria
David Banner
Death of a Pop Star
9th Wonder
Hip Hop
From 1st collaborative LP
Analysis: David Banner, who may as well be the poster child of Southern bounce, is taking a slightly different turn on his upcoming Death of a Pop Star collaboration with producer extraordinairre, 9th Wonder. 9th’s soul samples are going to give Banner a new range, and it’s already begun with ‘Slow Down’. He’s switched up his flow on this one from a slower intoxicated growl, to a double-time rap assault with very little breathing room. His energy is heavy and contagious, and the only part of the song that is unlikeable is Heather Victoria’s (who?) weak Mary J. Blige impression when she gets to sing a verse towards the end. In an age where rappers and rap culture are notoriously afraid of change, to see David Banner evolve a bit out of his Southern comfort (SoCo) zone is refreshing.
Rating: 7.5
Source: Nah Right
Wikipedia | Last.fm | Pitchfork



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